Notice:  ICANN has approved .info domains to open
in real time on Oct. 1st. 2001. Please come back then

to get the domains that you want. 

      ( .info)  Domain Registration

  The official real time .info Registry will open October 1st. 2001


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     The "pre-registration" period is now over.  Afilias is 
     in the "quiet period" now, where they settle previous

     pre-registrations, and await opening .info registrations
     to the public on Oct. 1st.  Please wait until Oct. 1st
     to register domains, since the registry will allow querries
     after that time. During this "quiet period," no domains
     can be registered by any domain name registration companies.



      Who can I contact for help or if I have questions?

      email:   help@4dotinfo.com

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