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Notice:  ICANN has approved .info domains to open
in real time on Oct. 1st. 2001 world-wide. Thus,
you will be able to register .info domains here then.

      ( .info)  Domain Registration

  The official real time .info Registry will open October 1st. 2001


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     Can anyone register a .info domain?
     .info is "unrestricted," which means that anyone will
     be able to register one.

     Are there any good .info domain names left?

      Since this is still early on, and the .info has just been
      approved by ICANN to go live by October 1st, you
      still stand a good chance of getting an
      easy-to-remember .info domain that can not
      be found now with .com, .net, .org.  
      So you say your .com/org/net is already gone, 
      well with .info the best domain names are still available.
      You can get the perfect domain name that everyone 
      will easily remember: yourname.info, yourbusiness.info… 
      In addition, .info has universal appeal; 
      it means the same thing in many languages: Examples:

      information (English/French/Dutch), informationen (German),
      informazioni (Italian), informacion (Spanish),
      informatie (Dutch), infomace (Czech), informasie (Afrikaans)…

      How do I register a .info domain?
      You simply do a .info search on our site,
      and if the domain is "available", the system will
      allow you to register the domain.
      How much does a .INFO domain cost? 
      .INFO and .BIZ domains at 4dotinfo.com costs $13.95/yr

      How do .info domain names resolve?
      .info domain names resolve on the web the
      same way .com, .net, .org domains resolve.
      However, the .info registry updates faster,

      and can resolve .info domains much faster
      that the current   .com/.net/.org system can.

      How do I make my .info site work? 
      To make your .info site work,  you need to get
      a web host provider.  Your web host provider
      will tell you what their 2 dns nameservers and
      you simply input your web host's nameserver
      into Domain Manager. 

      Who can I contact for help or if I have questions?

      email:   help@4dotinfo.com

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