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  The official real time .info Registry will open October 1st. 2001


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   For the first time in history a new top-level domain is
   being introduced to the public.  .INFO domains, the first to go public 
   of the seven approved last year by the International Corporation for 
   Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), is scheduled to go online by Oct. 1.

   Did you know that there are already more than 23 million .com names
   registered worldwide? Chances are that your first choice for a 
   domain name was probably taken a long time ago. 
   The introduction of .INFO offers you the chance to get the name you really want.

   .INFO is also the first truly unique global name.
   .INFO is understood to mean the same thing in many languages,
    including English, French and Spanish. For people around the world,
   .info is the most intuitive and direct path to knowledge on the Web.

    Why settle for "allyouwantedtoknowaboutmybusiness.com"
    when you can have "mybusiness.info" instead?

    If you are small, medium or large business with a suitable
    .com name already, registering the same name, as .INFO 
    is an excellent way to direct your customers straight to an
    information site (with pertinent contact info for your company)
    instead of having them navigate around your .com site.

    Individuals can also benefit from having a .INFO domain name. 
    Why not register a .INFO name to showcase your resume 
    for prospective employers, or to let everyone know about
    your interests, hobbies and favorite links

     Internet forecasters are estimating that the there will be more than
     75 million domain names registrated worldwide by 2003.
     Don't miss your chance to get the domain name you really want first.

     Registering a .INFO domain name is as easy as to registering
     a .COM address. If you would like to find out more about registering a .INFO name

     Can anyone register a .info domain?
     .info is "unrestricted," which means that anyone will
     be able to register one.

     Are there any good .info domain names left?

      Since this is still early on, and the .info has just been
      approved by ICANN to go live by October 1st, you
      still stand a good chance of getting an
      easy-to-remember .info domain that can not
      be found now with .com, .net, .org.  
      So you say your .com/org/net is already gone, 
      well with .info the best domain names are still available.
      You can get the perfect domain name that everyone 
      will easily remember: yourname.info, yourbusiness.info… 
      In addition, .info has universal appeal; 
      it means the same thing in many languages: Examples:

      information (English/French/Dutch), informationen (German),
      informazioni (Italian), informacion (Spanish),
      informatie (Dutch), infomace (Czech), informasie (Afrikaans)…

      How do I register a .info domain?
      You simply do a .info search on our site,
      and if the domain is "available", the system will
      allow you to register the domain.
      .INFO domains can only be registered for
      2 years minimum. There is no 1 year registrations
      for .INFO domains.  

      How much does a .INFO domain cost? 
      .INFO domains at 4dotinfo.com costs $13.95/yr
      and require a 2 year minimum per domain.
      So you are looking at $27.90 for a 2 year registration.
      You may be aware that this a lot cheaper than what
      it would cost at Network Solutions which charge
      $70 for 2 years. Register here at  4dotinfo.com and save.

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